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The Czech Nuclear Medicine Society (CNMS) is a member of the Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyně. It is associated in the European Association of Nuclear Medicine. CNMS belongs to the oldest ones within the Europe. CNMS joints together different professes, like physicians, physicists, technologists, computer scientists, chemists, pharmacists, electricians, immuno-analytics etc.

CNMS organises annual national congress Days of Nuclear Medicine. Five sections were established within CNMS to facilitate collaboration and exchange of knowledge:

  • Clinical section
  • Radiopharmaceutical section
  • Immunoanalytical section
  • Section for technologists
  • Section for physicists, electricians and computer scientists

These sections organise their own annual or even more frequent meetings concentrated on topics within specific scope. These meetings are not restricted to specific professions, but they represent platform for interdisciplinary collaboration